Friday, December 29, 2017

"Miss You, Love You"

So a ways back this guy gets a hold of me on face book and says, "hey I write poems, could you make 'em into songs?" Here one of those poems that I worked on. I planned on doing this big rock number but when I sent him the rough demo to show him the direction I was going in he was like, "No, just keep it like it is." So here it is just me, my voice and 2 guitars.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

"The Forrest" - a Poem

Wandering and waiting I think
Did I hear something out there?
Stumbling in the dark
So cold, I can barely see
As a breeze passes by
The scent of death slides across my nose
I turn away and look for the sun
But still I see nothing
The air so wet 
It just hangs on my skin
It's as if it wants to weigh me down
It pulls and pulls 
I hear it's voice
"Come fall asleep"
"Sleep in my nightmare forever"
There is no sound
Am I deaf?
I've lost all precious to me
A rustle of leaves and turn my head
A sharp pain shoots down my neck
And then I hear
I hear breathing but it's not my own
I look around but I see nothing
Distant but closing
Goosebumps begin to form
My feet they burn 
They want to run
Chest heaving from my pounding heart
Oh which way do I run?
So to my left I do run
The trees all in my way
They reach to stop me so it seems
Grabbing at my arms, my legs
Razor sharp from the cold
The branches rip at my skin
Running fast the blood runs
Refuses to dry, it pools into my clothes
And then I fall, I cannot stop
Tripped over down mossy tree
Dead in the path
It just stares at me
Will my fate be the same
Putting down my hands, I try to rise
Into the ground my hands sink
The leaves now have me chained
I hear a whisper
It's an old man
"I warned you! I warned you, dear lad!"
"You refused to listen. You planted this forest."
"And if you choose, you too will die."
For the cold dead trees that were all around
Where those relationships I chose to let die
The downed branches, dead leaves were choices I made
Which now I am stuck in
Worst of all the clouds and that cold dead sky
Are the thoughts I let linger in my mind
Blocking out all the sun
All the love in my world 
That is waiting just behind
With my body now sinking
My life in due peril
I can see it so clearly right now
Up to my neck 
I'm gasping for breath
And then I wake up safe and sound
In my warm bed
With the day to begin
Will I walk through this forest again?

Thursday, November 2, 2017

"Flow Into Me" - a Poem

Let it flow into me
I want all that you're willing to share
Let it flow into me
If you think that I am worthy

For so long now I've felt empty
And I didn't quite know why
I looked and I found nothing
That filled this hole inside

I heard about your love
And how it could fill
I didn't believe that it was true
Because it seemed too good

Let it flow into me
I've got no where to go
Let it flow into me
I'll give you all I know

I thought that it'd be instant
But it's been a long hard trial
Not because of who you are
But because of all I've done

At first it was just a trickle
The hole in my heart was small
I had to soften up so much
For I had been cold for so long

Let it flow into me
I want now nothing else
Let it flow into me
You're too good to be without

Now that you're inside me
I feel I'm finally home
The light that you have given
Helps others if I let it show

Sometimes I'm still a mess
You always help me back
Know that you flow into me
I feel life, alive not black

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

"Wonder What's Inside" - a poem

Holding the box
Looking at the paper
I wonder what wonder is inside

I feel the paper
It slick warm finish
I wonder what wonder is inside

No it's not my birthday
Not any day of concern
I wonder what wonder is inside

Could it be worth something?
Because nothing has happened
I wonder what wonder is inside

Can I trust this lone package
Let alone the odd giver
I wonder what wonder is inside

He stares and is just waiting
I've done nothing for him
I wonder what wonder is inside

I look to my friends 
They say, "Throw it away"
I wonder what wonder is inside

Don't trust anybody
Especially that man
I wonder what wonder is inside

"He's trying to trick you" 
"To make you a slave"
I wonder what wonder is inside

There's so much I need now
I feel oh so empty
I wonder what wonder is inside

I'm unsure of this gift
The box is so small
I wonder what wonder is inside

It can't be worth much
Or anything I need
I wonder what wonder is inside

So I throw it away
It's already taken to much of my time
I don't need the wonder inside

So in the trash I have thrown it
I'm off with my day
I walk away with my pride

And I turn around
And I see another
Grabbing that wonder, but why?

She unwraps it so slowly
And out shines a light
Love was the wonder inside

And now she can see
And can find her way
With that happiness that love brings each day

Friday, October 20, 2017

"I'm Not Mine" - a Poem

"I'm Not Mine"

Holding pen in my hand
I've got nothing else left to do
Jotting down a couple lines
Holding off the time
No I didn't buy the pen
Or the thoughts inside mind
I didn't earn my talent 
They were gifts given out of kindness
So what should I do with all that's given unto me?
I could let it just waste away
Or destroy it needlessly
I'll never be the greatest 
At anything I've done
But I'll definitely not getting anywhere
Unless I get up and run

Thursday, October 19, 2017

"Gagged?" - a Poem

Sitting in shock 
I watch all your pain
I know that something should be done

But I can't come to move
And do something for you
So sad I'm not even tied down

What excuse do I have?
If I had one would it matter
I choose the cage that I'm in

While you sit and you wait
I'm taking the bait
And becoming fatter each day

Please won't you pardon
I've got pressing engagements
Like finding the right pet shampoo

I promise I'll be watching
The news on at five
So I can be appalled once again

I'll sit and I'll stare
And I'll rage bout injustice
Let me think of really good hashtag

That extra five dollars
Oh it has a purpose
I need my daily latte'

Oh and I can't go without 
Seeing that movie and shout
About pain while I drink fifty oz. of soda

So as I now move
From task to task
Hoping that I'll never see

I stand in the mirror 
And see imperfections
Perhaps I should buy that new cream