Friday, October 20, 2017

"I'm Not Mine" - a Poem

"I'm Not Mine"

Holding pen in my hand
I've got nothing else left to do
Jotting down a couple lines
Holding off the time
No I didn't buy the pen
Or the thoughts inside mind
I didn't earn my talent 
They were gifts given out of kindness
So what should I do with all that's given unto me?
I could let it just waste away
Or destroy it needlessly
I'll never be the greatest 
At anything I've done
But I'll definitely not getting anywhere
Unless I get up and run

Thursday, October 19, 2017

"Gagged?" - a Poem

Sitting in shock 
I watch all your pain
I know that something should be done

But I can't come to move
And do something for you
So sad I'm not even tied down

What excuse do I have?
If I had one would it matter
I choose the cage that I'm in

While you sit and you wait
I'm taking the bait
And becoming fatter each day

Please won't you pardon
I've got pressing engagements
Like finding the right pet shampoo

I promise I'll be watching
The news on at five
So I can be appalled once again

I'll sit and I'll stare
And I'll rage bout injustice
Let me think of really good hashtag

That extra five dollars
Oh it has a purpose
I need my daily latte'

Oh and I can't go without 
Seeing that movie and shout
About pain while I drink fifty oz. of soda

So as I now move
From task to task
Hoping that I'll never see

I stand in the mirror 
And see imperfections
Perhaps I should buy that new cream

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

"The Knife" - a Poem

Minding my own business
Doing what I was told
Just passing through the day
Sure it felt a little cold

Acting like Mom taught me
Being polite, yes sir, yes ma'am
Sure, I know I'm not perfect
But I've been trying for some years

No, wasn't a good day
There have been many better
But this wasn't the worst by far
It only hurts if you let it

With a smile upon my face 
And so did smile all the others
Did that knife enter my back
No one cared to be bothered

The pain was fast, sharp and deep
The blade it burned like none other
The worst part was it stayed there
In my back I couldn't reach it

I looked around for a bit of help
And of all the people that were around
No one would dare make eye contact
Let alone pull that knife out

Now please don't misunderstand me
This isn't some pity party
I knew this knife would come some day
He warned me fair enough

There's nothing for me to do now
Except keep loving on
I'll love even my assaulter
Cause that's what Jesus says

I know this may sound stupid
I know I sound naive' 
And I know hating's easy
And no one could quite blame me

But see now that's the problem
This world that loves to hate
Perhaps if we all took some time
We could love, not take the bait

So I'm gonna keep on loving
The best I very can
Sure I'm gonna mess up
Please pardon me if you can

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

"Turning" - a Poem

Turning I look for hope
Hoping to escape this hell
Chained and bound by decisions
That I made so long ago

Turning I look for home
I place to call my own
A place that offers refuge
A place that's warm at night

Turning I look for love
Is it her? Or her over there?
Will they love me anyways
Despite all of my scars

Turning I look to learn
I want to know, I want to be
I want to be the master
The master of all my dreams

Turning I look for food
I long to feel so filled
Filled with food that's good
Filled so I don't fear

Turning I look for God
I thought I had him last week
He only cost $299.00
Each payment for 6 weeks

In turning I've found nothing
So finally I stopped looking
With no where else to go
I merely stare down at my feet

And then, just then it happened
And I didn't turn at all
I found all I was looking for
Right in front of me today

He took me out of that hell
And even gave me a home
Showing me a love I'd never encountered
I learned so much of the world

I had never felt so full
His food was all I needed
I finally found God
And it cost me nothing at all

So now I have stopped turning 
Because I have it all
Content with purpose I now walk
My last turn will be towards Heaven's door

Monday, October 16, 2017

"Flying" - a Poem

The wind in my hair 
Should hold myself back
Am I really ready to fly?
Do I dare look down?
Will the fear make me fall?
Or will I soar even higher than before?

It's too late to look now
I have to get out there
Because I was born to fly 
I don't own any wings
My father he helps me
He's shown me how to fly

With his steady hand he teaches
He shows me all the pitfalls
I trust in his good word
Shortly at first
Then flying for length
Stronger and higher I soar

I couldn't ever imagined 
That I'd fly in the wind
That I'd ever see such things
For once on the ground
I could only see
What was right in front of me

The wind in my hair
I've been made for flying
But I also know I must take care
For this is a gift given
And could be taken away
This life is not mine it's a gift

Friday, October 13, 2017

"The Itch" - a Poem

Pausing in my kitchen
I know I hear a scratching
It's coming from the back door
The sound it's unrelenting
Pausing for just a moment 
I think that it's now over
But then it starts in again
The sound it is so gnawing

Walking to the front room
I sit down in my chair
I can hear just out the window
Yeah that scratching, it's out there
I know behind the closed drapes
Is that eerie, old cold stare
Waiting for me to come
It wants to come in here

Jumping from my chair
And heading down the hall
I dash up top the stairs
And turn into my bedroom 
I lay there in my bed 
Waiting now for sleep
But scratching at the rooftop
Is the annoying little claw

It only needs a crack to grab
So that it can take hold
And pull me in that black hole
Where it will tear me into shreds
I can curl up into ball
And cry away the pain
But the only thing that stops it
Is your patient company

So I'll ask you one small favor
Please come and sit by me
I need you more than ever
I'll do anything you say
You know the scratches weak spot
You know how to kill it dead
So please once more sit with me
Please get this scratch out of my head

Thursday, October 12, 2017

"Just a Little More" - a Poem

I'm dying here now, don't you care just a little
You have so much and I've been waiting so long
You probably won't notice when it is all gone
Come on please, just a little more

I see you there standing with  your hands on your hips
Looking over your glasses, can't you see my pain
I'm waiting, I'm waiting, I'm going insane
Come on please, just a little more

If you really did care like say that you do
You would simply give in 
And let me have one or two
Come on please, just a little more

Please don't make grovel
But if I have to, I'll beg
You know I'm good for it
Come on please, just a little more

I can see how you are
You want all the control
Sure, yeah, lord it all above me
Come on please, just a little more

Okay it's all ruined, my family is gone
In the wind is my money 
And the debtor is calling
Come on please, just a little more

Please wait just a minute, yeah I should have listened
You were right about her, and leaving my job
But you know I'm really hurting now
Come on please, just a little more

You're walking away, why, aren't you concerned
Sure I blew it all, but I know better now
I promise, promise bail me out again
Come on please, just a little more